2020 – Meeting Schedule

The Atlanta Area Aquarium Association typically meets one Saturday every month at 1:30PM at the Windy Hill Community Center. Our standard meetings are our talks on aquarium related topics but we also have several other events interspersed throughout the year.

Windy Hill Community Center
1885 Roswell Street, SE

Smyrna, GA 30080


2020 Meeting Schedule:

January 4th (Saturday) - David Ramsey - Corydoras
February 1st (Saturday) -Ken Davis - Uruguay Collecting Trip
March 7th (Saturday) - Swap Meet
April 19th (Sunday) - Spring Auction - CANCELLED
May 2nd (Saturday) - Grant Eder - Shrimp Keeping - CANCELLED
June 20th (Saturday) - Greg Steeves- Haplochromine and CARES -CANCELLED
July 18th (Saturday) - Greg Sage - Livebearer Husbandry - CANCELLED
August 1st (Saturday) - Swap Meet - CANCELLED
September 13th (Sunday) - Fall Auction - CANCELLED
October 3rd (Saturday) - Christina Simpson- SSS Betta Talk: From Swap to Spawning to Show - CANCELLED
November 7th (Saturday) - CANCELLED
December 5th (Saturday) - Holiday Party 11:00-4:30 - CANCELLED

Previous Year's Meeting Schedules