The Breeders Award Program (BAP) is established to recognize the accomplishments of AAAA members, to promote members’ involvement in breeding fishes, to gather and share information on breeding, and to provide a wide range of fish to the membership during auctions. In order to obtain points for fish a member must bring in a minimum of five young fish, at least sixty days old and put them up for the auction. The member must fill in the required information on the BAP Data Sheet. Point classification of fishes spawned (10, 15, 20, or higher) is determined according to level of difficulty for breeding and/or raising the fry. Points are awarded only once for each species submitted by a member.

Plaques are awarded to breeders after passing the following point thresholds:

  • Breeder (100 points)
  • Advanced Breeder (200 points)
  • Superior Breeder (350 points)
  • Expert Breeder (600 points)
  • Master Breeder (900 points)
  • Grand Master Breeder (1500 points)

Note that members and the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association benefit financially when they submit BAP fish for the auction. Members receive 70% of any auction proceeds while the association garners 30% to offset club expenses. It is important to note that there is one other way that members can earn points towards their breeder awards. For more information, contact Ron Kempner


1. Points are awarded only once for any species per member. In other words, many
different members can submit the same species, however, one single member cannot
submit one species more than once. For example, the one time presentation of guppies
would be awarded 5 points. However, each submission can apply to multiple award categories unless otherwise noted.

2. An additional 5 points can be awarded per species for an article submission to the BAP Committee. Articles must be at least 250 words including discussing the fish's characteristics, the breeding environment, water parameters, and the growth cycle of the fry; In other words, what would someone need to know in order to breed a particular species provided that they have a mature pair? In addition it must contain at least one picture though an up close image of the breed as well as an image of the full breeding set-up are preferred. Such article shall include a lifetime copyright permission for AAAA to use freely in "Fish Talk", on the Website, Forum or any other way.

3. Submissions must be entered into a club auction, or placed on the club table at a swap meet in order to gain credit for the entry.

4. It is recommended that one species of fish not be housed with similar species so that
hybridization can be prevented.

5. Eggs must be spawned by fish in breeder’s own tanks; eggs may not be obtained
elsewhere and then hatched.

6. Any fish not included in the BAP Point Qualification list will be assigned points by the
BAP Committee upon request. The point value for spawning any fish can be reevaluated
at any participant’s request by the BAP Committee.

7. Following a successful spawning and submission, it is the breeder’s own responsibility to see that his
points have been properly recorded.

8. In the event of any confusion in the identification of a fish in a complex of similar fishes,
reference to a published photograph must be made for each member of the complex in
order to get credit for that species. In the event no published photograph exists, a color
photograph shall be taken and filed with the BAP Data Form. In the event of a
disagreement as to the identity of the fish spawned, the decision of the BAP Committee
shall be final regarding the awarding of points.

9. The similarity between related species when juvenile fish are involved may require
further growth beyond 60 days before verification.

10. A member may petition the BAP Committee in order to submit a lower number of fry
when it is known that a particular species produces small broods.

11. Suggestions, Questions, and Concerns can be directed to the BAP E-Mail address: or the BAP Chairperson and escalated to the Atlanta Area
Aquarium Association Board of Directors as appropriate. We want this to be the best
program for all involved. Please let us know your thoughts.

BAP Program Guide

 Award Types

1. Breeder Level Awards
The original and primary awards for the BAP program. These awards are bestowed on members for their persistent breeding through the years. Points are accumulated through your time in the program and members are recognized at each of 6 different levels based on crossing a threshold of accumulated points.

2. Breeder of the Year Award
This is awarded is bestowed upon the member who makes the most unique points gaining submissions throughout a single calendar year. Total points gained are not counted but sheer number of submissions. In addition resubmission of fish for specialization or diversification awards do not count towards this number.

3. Junior Breeder of the Year Award
This is awarded is bestowed upon the junior member who makes the most unique points gaining submissions throughout a single calendar year. Total points gained are not counted but sheer number of submissions. In addition resubmission of fish for specialization or diversification awards do not count towards this number. Junior member must be under 18 at time of recognition.

4. Rookie of the Year Award
The BAP program does its best when it is growing and to that end this award is bestowed upon the member who made the most points gaining submissions during their first calendar year in the program. To be the most fair the clock begins the month of first submission not the first month of club membership. Additionally any member who's initial year ends within the current calendar year will be eligible. I.E. if a member submits 1 bag per month for their first 12 months beginning in July of 2019, they will be counted as having 12 submissions for the 2020 Rookie of the year award regardless of how many submissions are made July 2020 - November 2020.

5. Specialization Awards
This recognizes breeders that prefer to specialize in a grouping of fish. This can be a particular family or genius, or even a particular region or common grouping (ie shrimp or soft water cichlids). It can also include submissions that do not otherwise grant points in the standard BAP program but we still want to reward dedication in. An example would be breeding various fin types in Bettas or color morphs of shrimp. If you can dream it talk to the BAP chair to see if it can be an approved specialization.

6. Diversification Award
To recognize those breeders that truly look to breed the whole gambit of the freshwater spectrum. A submission of 1 species from each of ten (10) categories is required to earn this award. The 10 categories are: Livebearer, Anabantid, Cyprinid, Cichlid, Characin, Killifish, Catfish, Rainbowfish, Invertebrate, and finally 1 submission that does not fit into any of the previous category (ex. eel, goby, puffer).


10 pts Poecilia, Gambusia, all others
15 pts Goodeids, Xiphophorus
20 pts Halfbeaks
30 pts Anableps, Belanesox
10 pts Aplocheilus, Aplochecheilichthys, Cubaaichthys, Cyprinodon, Fundulus, Oryzias, "Chroma-Aphosemion" (= A. bivittatum complex), Rivulus, all others
15 pts Aphanius, * Aphysemion, * Epiplatys, "Fundulopanchax" (= Aphyosemion sjoestedti, gardneri, filamentosum, other peat-spawning Aphysemions requiring drying out), Jordanella, Pachypanchax, Cynolebias
20 pts Pterolebias, Nothobranchius, Epiplatys lamottei, E. annulatus, "ParaAphyosemion" (= A. lucense, geryl, othre tiny cold water Aphyosemions)
25 pts Austrofundulus, Rachovia, "Roloffia"
(=Aphyosemion occidentalis, schmidti juarzon, others with very long drying periods)
10 pts Danios, White Cloud, Barb, (Cherry, Gold, Tiger, Rosy, Ruby, Half-banded, Checkerboard, Ticto), all other cyprinids
15 pts * Barbs, Goldfish, Koi, North American minnows
25 pts Scissortail, Brillant rasbora, R. maculata
30 pts * Rasbora, Tinfoil barb
50 pts Labeo, Flying fox, Bala shark, Osteochilus
15 pts Corydoras eaneus, paleatus, hastatus, pygmaeus including Albino
20 pts * Corydoras, all other catfish
30 pts Otocinclus, Bristlenose, brochis, Farowella, Banjo, Plecostumus, Whiptail, Hoplostermum, Callichthys
50 pts Doradids (talking Rafael), Pimelodids, Schilbeids, Irridescent shark, Bagrids, Mochokids (upside-down), Electric, madtoms
 Characiods (Tetras)
15 pts Black, Head & Tail light, Von rio
20 pts Congo, Glowlight, Emperor, Penguin, Moenkhausia, Copeina, all others
30 pts Arnoldichthys, Crenuchus, Silver Dollars, Rummynose, Neon, Cardinal, Hatchets, Chilodus, Pencilfish, Exodon, Copelia
50 pts Anostomus, Abramites, Leporinus, Pacus, Piranhas, Chalceus, Hemiodus, Prochilodus, Distichodus
15 pts * Malawi mouthbrooders, (Melanochromis, Labeotropheus. Psuedotropheus, Peacocks), * Haplochromis, mouthbrooding Tilapias, Jewel, Convict, Kribensis, Jack Dempsey, Rainbow, Chanchito, Black Acara, Geophagus brasiliensis
20 pts Hap. moori, * Lamprolongus, Julidochromis, Nannacara, Neetroplus, Callochromis, substrate brooding Tilapis, hemichromis thomasi, fasciatus, * Aequidens, Hero (* Cichlasoma), Pelvicachromis
25 pts Oscar, Heros severum, managuense, umbriferum, dovii, festivum, Chocolate, Orange chromide, Geophagus jurapi, daemon, surnamesis, Acarichthys, Acaronia, Apistogamma, Lamprologus, sexfasciatus, tretocephalus, compressiceps, cynlidricus
30 pts Green chromide, Discus, Uaru, Cichla, Petenia
20 pts Bumblebee, Tateumdina
30 pts All others
15 pts Betta, Colisa, Trichogaster, Macropodus, all others
20 pts Trichopsis, Belontia, Anabas, Malllpulutta
30 pts Sphaericthys. Osphronemus, Paroshronemus, Helostoma
 Other Family Groups
15 pts Rainbowfish
30 pts Pantodon, Darters, Sunfishes, Leaffishes, Puffers, Sticklebacks, Seahorses, Pipefishes
45 pts Loaches
50 pts Polypterus, Arunanas, Mormyrids, Knifefish, Glassfish, Archerfish, Monos, homalopteris


Place Member Points Level Added
1 Larry Jinks 2585 Grand Master Breeder
2 Rick Watkins 1740 Grand Master Breeder
3 Ken Davis 1700 Grand Master Breeder
4 Ron Kempner 1460 Master Breeder
5 Ron Van Zant 1380 Master Breeder
6 Tom Koranda 1225 Master Breeder
7 Andrew Hebert 860 Expert Breeder
7 Brian Revennaugh 860 Expert Breeder
9 Jerry Rothermel 850 Expert Breeder
10 Luis Indacochea 760 Expert Breeder
11 Roger Lorts 740 Expert Breeder
12 Pierre Thiault 655 Expert Breeder
13 Ken Seiders 555 Superior Breeder
14 Larry Bugg 550 Superior Breeder
14 Matthew Singley 550 Superior Breeder
16 Mitchell Broome 425 Superior Breeder
17 George Libby 390 Superior Breeder
18 Dino Hicks 375 Superior Breeder
19 Ben Schilling 325 Advanced Breeder
20 Marcie Gorman 315 Advanced Breeder
21 Len DiCenso 315 Advanced Breeder
22 Frank Paul 285 Advanced Breeder
23 Jim Datka 275 Advanced Breeder
24 Caleb Swain 275 Advanced Breeder
25 The Cekis Family 265 Advanced Breeder
26 Ron Reisinger 225 Advanced Breeder
26 Will Fraser 225 Advanced Breeder
28 Ross Brindle 205 Advanced Breeder
29 The Mercers 190 Breeder
30 Beth Hall 185 Breeder
31 Kevin Walts 180 Breeder
32 Jill Bridges 165 Breeder
33 Eric Le Calvez 155 Breeder
34 Sam Katz 130 Breeder
35 Juan Damelines 120 Breeder
35 James Canada 120 Breeder
37 Gary Seelbinder 115 Breeder
38 Jerry Henderson 95 Member
39 JJ Smith 90 Member
39 Brooke York 90 Member
41 Patrea Dowless 80 Member
41 Christine Pirtle 80 Member
43 Candace Schuepstuhl 65 Member
43 Gaven Chen 65 Member
43 Heather Moulton-Meissner 65 Member
43 Paul Vanbrug 65 Member
47 Ryan Bode 60 Member
47 Robert Chattin 60 Member
47 Jacki DeHart 60 Member
48 Cory Dowless 55 Member
48 Sybille Finnegan 55 Member
48 Mark Verduin 55 Member
48 Tia Young 55 Member
52 Liam Lephart 50 Member
52 Trinny Freeman 50 Member
52 Scott and Gracie Whitmore 50 Member
52 Linda Dahlgreen 50 Member
52 Michael Pourreau 50 Member
57 Chris Gibbs 45 Member
57 Angel Rivera 45 Member
57 William Wald 45 Member
57 Dan Asher 45 Member
57 Eugene Lee 45 Member
62 Cory McDonald 40 Member
63 Gary Elmoore 35 Member
63 Alan Sharples 35 Member
63 Dennis Walker 35 Member
66 Tariq Chang 30 Member
66 Jerry Hauck 30 Member
66 Alex Pourreau 30 Member
69 Smokey Sullis 25 Member
70 Larry Cohen 20 Member
70 David Wall 20 Member
72 Brennan Peabody 15 Member
72 Jennifer Pomerantz 15 Member
72 Keith Hudgins 15 Member
72 Kirsten Eidsmoe and Chris Tidwell 15 Member
72 Marie McDonald 15 Member
77 Mario Gomez 10 Member
77 Shannon Smith 10 Member
77 Robert Chattin 10 Member

 Award Recognitions

1. Breeder of the Year

  • 2019 - Mathew Singley

2. Junior Breeder of the Year

3. Rookie of the Year Award

  • 2019 - James Canada

4. Specialization Awards

5. Diversification Award

6. Breeder Level Awards

Grand Master Breeder (1500 points)

  • Larry Jinks
  • Rick Watkins
  • Ken Davis

Master Breeder (900 points)

  • Ron Kempner
  • Ron Van Zant
  • Tom Koranda

Expert Breeder (600 points)

  • Andrew Hebert
  • Brian Revennaugh
  • Jerry Rothermel
  • Luis Indacochea
  • Roger Lorts
  • Pierre Thiault

Superior Breeder (350 points)

  • Ken Seiders
  • Larry Bugg
  • Matthew Singley
  • Mitchell Broome
  • George Libby
  • Dino Hicks

Advanced Breeder (200 points)

  • Ben Schilling
  • Marcie Gorman
  • Len DiCenso
  • Frank Paul
  • Jim Datka
  • Caleb Swain
  • The Cekis Family
  • Ron Reisinger
  • Will Fraser
  • Ross Brindle

Breeder (100 points)

  • The Mercers
  • Beth Hall
  • Kevin Walts
  • Jill Bridges
  • Eric Le Calvez
  • Sam Katz
  • Juan Damelines
  • James Canada
  • Gary Seelbinder
The Mercers Beth Hall
Eric Le Calvez Sam Katz
Juan Damelines Jill Bridges
James Canada Kevin Walts
Gary Seelbinder


Forms will be found here

BAP Submission Form