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Fall Auction – Instructions for pre-registration

September 11 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Fall Auction registration system is now ready.  We highly encourage you to pre-register the fish and plants that you plan to bring to the auction in advance of the event. You may also register your bags at the event but keep in mind there may be a line to use the on-site computers. Unlike monthly meetings, anyone can sell in this auction, but only if you have a Bidder Number. To make it easy, your Bidder number is the same as your seller number! Like always, everyone is welcome to bid, but only if you have a Bidder Number.

Obtaining a Bidder Number is simple and involves providing basic information online. The first step is to establish an account. This is required even if you have attended the AAAA auctions in the past (new auction, new account). Go to:


Below the GO button, click

Fill out the form using Auction Key Code 09112022.

Now go back to the main login page and login with the email and password you just established. Your Bidder Number will be provided after you hit GO. Write it down. You will receive an actual Bidder Card when you check-in on the day of the auction. You can also register for a Bidder Number on the day of the auction, on-site. Do not do both, please.

You can now pre-register your fish and plants at this website. Note that the format for numbering bags is "Bidder Number - Bag No." Example 399-1, 399-2, .... in sequence. Please print legibly or use a waterproof paper label on the actual bag(s). Note: pre-registered bags are not published to the sales list until after they are reviewed (to avoid any shenanigans).

We are back at Windy Hill Community Center and have made CHANGES in how the auction will run.  In the past there have been too many items to effectively auction everything in a reasonable time frame, which has resulted in low prices to sellers, long waits for buyers and exhausted auctioneers and volunteers.

Check-in starts at 10 AM, auction starts at 11 AM, and concludes no later than 6 PM

The club gets the first $1 on each bag. Then there is a split.
For Members, you get 70% of the sales price and the club gets 30%
For Non-members, you get 60% of the sales price and the club gets 40%
Bidding will start at $2 per bag.

We will have Priority Stickers available for $2 each. Buyers and sellers may purchase these stickers and apply them to any bag. This will push the bag to the front of the line. Buyers, if you cannot stay all day, and want to insure you get to bid on that one particular bag you really want, buy a Priority Sticker! Sellers, if you do not want to wait for the pickers to select your bag for bidding, get a Priority Sticker and push it to the front of the line. Otherwise, bags without a Priority Sticker are selected randomly, with no guarantee that any bag will be auctioned early in the day, late in the day or before you leave.

There will be no dry goods (tanks, equipment, decor, etc) allowed. Only live fish, invertebrates and plants. Leave everything else at home this time around. There will be only live auction, and no Buy-It-Now or fixed price selling.

Sellers will be restricted to NO MORE THAN 7 BAGS/UNITS OF A SINGLE SPECIES—this will be strictly enforced. Multiple bags may be taped securely together as a single unit, and will be auctioned together under a single item number. This is not typically necessary, but might be appropriate if the fish are large, aggressive, or needing isolation.

All purchases must be settled at the event. You do not have to wait until the end of the auction to pay for your purchases. Please realize that it may take 5-15 minutes from the close of bidding for a single auction item before you are able to pay for that item. Cash is King, because it saves us the processing fees which the club, not the seller, pays. Credit cards are accepted, so you can bid to your heart's delight.

Sellers will receive a check in the mail after the Treasurer and Bookkeeper complete their review and audit. This usually takes a week or two.

We will also be selling food tickets for $1. One ticket for drinks, and two tickets for a slice of pizza!

These auctions take a lot of volunteers to make things go smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering, reach out to Tia Young, Buck Meyer, Paul VanBrug or Pat Riggins.

Keep in mind that these big auctions are a major source of fundraising for the club. This is what enables us to bring in premier speakers from out of town to speak at our regular meetings.

These changes are intended to provide the maximum financial benefit to sellers, and the best selection and timely offerings to buyers.

Club members should watch the next newsletter for additional tips and advice on maximizing your auction experience.


September 11
10:00 am - 6:00 pm