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It’s hard to pick one favorite. Anything that doesn’t die… However if I have to choose, I would have to say Java Fern. I bought one plant about 25 years ago. Now I have it in most of my tanks. It’s interesting how it grows so differently in different tanks, and it all came from one mother plant that completely melted after I got it. No one told me not to bury the rhizome. I threw it away, frustrated, probably mumbled something like “Why do I even try to mess with live plants”, “Waste of money”. Later I found a leaf I had missed, and it was covered in baby plants. Every plant I have came from that leaf, and it’s descendants.

My plant skills, or luck has defiantly been improving in the last few years. I have moved past Java Fern, and Anubias. Thanks to the club auctions I have tried a lot of new plants. Amongst everything I currently have, I have two different types of Crypt, and they may be my new favorites soon.