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Matthew Singley

Over the holidays i went out and purchased a ton of smart plugs.  I got mine from Sams Club and Amazon.  I spent $5 a piece for them.  I then integrated them with Alexa and can voice control my lights (e.g. “Alexa turn on Fishroom Lights”).  It also has a mode that you can set as a timer so they can come on/off at whatever time you want.  Been running for about 2 months now on well over 100 tanks so far and I am mad at myself i didn’t do this sooner.

I have a combination of these lights (~$6 a piece)



I try to connect as many lights as I can to a smart plug one section has about 8 plugged in and that controls over 20 lights.  Its a good cheap alternative and serves me well.  Just thought I would share.


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