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Julia Jeorge

oh dear , pond snails ,I had them several years ago.the issue with chemicals is if it will kill snails it will kill shrimp & that is not what you  want.Snails infest everything gravel ,plants , ornaments, driftwood,filter everything. My best suggestion is get another tank, set it up with new substrate, new plants, new everything and then carefully one by one move your shrimp to the new snail free heaven you have prepared for them.I tried everything to get rid of pond snails & nothing worked , finally emptied my tank, scrubbed the tank glass with aquarium salt, got NEW substrate, new driftwood new filter media,and then they were has been quite a few years now and I have learned to be VERY vigilant. it was very hard financially for me to do a complete throw everything out but in the end it was worth it.good luck