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David Mercer

Alright I am going to jump on this one, and maybe cheat a little too. I’ve watched a lot of youtube channels so depending on how much this picks up I may drop a few others later.

First, We must start out with our very own David Ramsey and his channel.

Next, I’ll go with probably my most watched channel since I first started looking for vids until now. Rachel O’Leary or msjinkzd!

Then, my new favorite channel, SerpaDesigns. Not exclusively aquariums, he does a lot of paludariums, ripariums, and terrariums, but they are all awesome. Brianna is going to hate me for getting this one posted first.

Finally, I’m going to toss up a former speaker at the club Darrell at DETAquarium.

So that’s mine, what others do you like, or if you like any of these give them a shout out for support.

David Mercer
AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster