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This is hard, I watch more YouTube than TV

1. Michael’s Fish Room – I think I enjoy his channel because of his bluntness, plus we have a lot of the same stocking.

2. Prime Time Aquatics – I have learned a lot here.

3. Green Aqua – It just looks so awesome on the big TV in the living room.

However I also watch a lot of others, not in any particular order.

Aquarium Co-Op, KG Tropicals, Ohio Fish Rescue, LRB Aquatics, The King of DIY, King and Queen Cichilds, Andy Woods cichlids, Flip Aquatics,

Rachel O’Leary, TM Aquatics, Guppy Channel, David Ramsey (our fish guy, not the money guy), Jarden Aquatics, H2O Plants, Greg Sage, and Andrew Piorkowski.