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David Mercer

We refreshed and restocked our 30G bow front with 2 new species. Added a 10 and a 5 gallon in our living room each with one species. They plan is to go with two 10 gallons in the future and make nice display tanks but for now it is just a breeding tank and our son’s 5 gallon until he clears a spot in his room for it.

We also finally are trying outdoor breeding again after our colossal success/failure several years ago. We have 3 tubs outside each with 1 species of fish and 2 unique varieties of plants per tub, plus we grabbed some creeping jenny from our yard to try out in each tub. I’ll probably write up a post about all of that with pics and everything a bit later.

Brianna is also trying to figure out how we can get our two ponds in the ground but I’m not sure that is going to happen quite yet.

David Mercer
AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster