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Lots of extra water changes. Redistributing baby Bristlenose Pleco’s around the room.

Going to work on the 200g today. It’s been running for about 3 weeks now. Started it up with some dirty gravel from the 125g and about 10 guppies. Had to move one of my Severums in on Sunday. I’m not crazy about the aquascaping job that I did, so going to redo it today before I move my 10 Silver Dollars in tonight or tomorrow, from the over populated 125g.

My big problem this week is my old Fluval 404 canister, on my 125g, is having problems with the impeller. The last time I cleaned it one of the little plastic clip things that hold the cover that holds the impeller in place broke. runs good for about 30 minutes, then starts rattling and looses it’s suction or something, quits working…