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Julia Jeorge

Hi there. I use pothos in my 90 gal tank to help with algae , tried sweet potato vine for the same reason but the vine didn’t do well. I have a light on the tank and also have suspended a 54 watt 5 tho so the pothos gets enough light. I did have maidenhair ferns with wicks dipping their wicks in the glorious fish tank , they did beautifully, but got to big to sit on the glass top of the tank. I  just got a 5 gallon as a  bedside tank that I have planted and will eventually put a Betta in and am doing an arrowhead plant as aquaponic plant , it is doing fine. That plant gets filtered sun from an east window near it. And yes, I use tank water to water my house plants, even use the water from purging the fx6 filter to water a preferred  (lucky) garden plant. Fish and plants go hand in hand! Why waste good fishy water , LOL!