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I’m going to try, but I’m going to divide my fishroom up into bred/breeding versus trying to breed:


  1. Amphyosemion striatum (killifish)
  2. Amphyosemion scheeli (killifish)
  3. Amphyosemion calliurum (killifish)
  4. Ophthalmolebias constanciae (killifish)
  5. Neolamprologus multifasciatus
  6. Panda Cories
  7. Sterbia Cories
  8. Epiplatys dageti (killifish)
  9. Glowlight tetras
  10. Cherry Barbs
  11. Red Cherry Shrimp
  12. Ramshorn snails
  13. Pond/Bladder snails
  14. Malaysian Trumpet snails

Trying to breed

  1. Apistogramma pandoro (I think my one female is a egg/fry eater)
  2. Apistogramma agassizii – fire red
  3. Red Wag Platys
  4. White Cloud Mountain Minnows – gold variety