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Mitchell Broome

I do have gertrudae, furcatus, luminatus and cyanodorsalis.  Except for the cyanodorsalis, they don’t produce alot of fry so I have been holding on to them until I can submit them for BAP.  We are working on getting a parking lot swap going, hopefully early October and maybe I post them for BAP then.

Until then, I do have enough cyanodorsalis to be comfortable with selling some, but they are fairly specialized compared to other pseudomugils.  They do best in brackish water, so that’s what I’m keeping them in.  Supposedly, then can be converted to plain freshwater, but I have never tried it.

If your interested in the cyanodorsalis, let me know.  Otherwise, hopefully come October, I we can work out something for the others.


PS.  I really need to find me at least one more pseudomugil to go ahead and finish off my breeders specialization with them.  So if you do get a line on some other species, I would also be interested!