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Mitchell Broome

I would like to nominate myself, Mitchell Broome for one of the nonleadership BOD positions.

For those who might not know me, I’m a combo fish/technology geek. I’ve been in the club for a few years now. I tend to bring some of the less common things to the auctions. Things like wild type betta, killifish, apistos, corys and the like.

I’m super interested in everything around breeding fish. I enjoy doing enough research that I can correctly setup an environment for a not so common species to breed. I also like to present interesting facts about species that people might not even know exist because they are just not generally available in the area.  I’m slowly making a push to get more people into killifish and wild type bettas…

Last time I counted the number of tanks I have, I stopped somewhere around 130…  Enter technology!  I have not had to do manual water changes on a tank for 4+ years. Well, there are few cases where I currently do big manual changes to trigger breeding, but I actually have a plan to automate that as well.

Oh, and if anyone is curious.  By day, I work in IT as an Cloud Infrastructure Architect for an Atlanta based health care company.  Previously, I did a similar role at The Weather Channel in the early 2000s.  Before that, I ran the technology side of a local ISP.  Basically, I have been building underlying parts of the internet since around 1998 or so.


Mitchell Broome