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Jill Bridges

Thank you, Tia. I’m game.

My experience with fish keeping goes back to my childhood guppy tank. I kept a small tank on and off throughout my life, but didn’t really take the dive into the hobby until my son Liam got his first guppy tank. That exploded quickly into a fish room and here we are.  My passion is with conservation, and I also handle AAAA’s CARES program.

Outside of the hobby, I am a small business owner. Our family owns a marketing agency and an arts and craft supply store in Suwanee. I am familiar with the legal aspects of running a business and have worked with non-profits. I serve as Secretary on our POA and volunteer with Fair Fight Action.

My primary goals in 2021 would be to get our non-profit status handled and to find creative ways for our group to become more active despite the pandemic restrictions.

Proud Fish Nerd.
Ask me about the CARES Program!