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Beth Hall

 Looking for a CO2 system? – I have a Fosters Smith automatic system.  New in the box, never opened.  $375.

Are you looking for a specimen fish?

1 Albino Hecklii male that is awesome.  He’s about 5″.  Asking $50 for him.

Proven pair of Chocolate Cichlids.

Two 8″ Bala sharks.

Two 5-6″ electric blue male acaras.

Fish that need to make room for others: 

Kribenzas – 10  1-1.5″,  5-6  3″   (BAP)

Trout Goodeids  (BAP)

Gold Dust Lyretail Mollies

Yellow Tiger Enders plus octopus grass colony – at least 10 fish each colony.


Hornwort, octopus grass, Jungle Val (HAP), maybe a red tiger lotus