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Martin Moore

They can apply to NANFA for a grant.  The Gerald C. Corcoran Educational Grant seems most appropriate.  The person applying needs to be a NANFA member and the project needs to meet certain guidelines.  The maximum amount is $1500 and is awarded annually to the person who submits the best proposal.  I can certainly suggest that they keep Goodeids as part of the CARES efforts – those are native to North America and are critically endangered throughout most of their range.  As for species that would be good for genetic experimentation – again, that grant is about natives, so let me talk to some folks and see which fishes they might find appropriate.  Preferably a fish that the students can collect themselves, like Gambusia or something.  And of course there are a few up us that can offer our time and (dubious) expertise.


Sine there hasn’t been any news since the original post I’m guess that the project is on hold until things open back up.


Also, if you can give me a point of contact that would be helpful.