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Mitchell Broome

I don’t currently have any livebearers, but I do have a few CARES species available.

melanotaenia boesemani

melanotaenia lacustris

pseudomugil cyanodorsalis

I have lots of others in the works like lots of wild type bettas, just no fry large enough to pass on.

Also, if your really looking to help endangered species, check out the IUCN Redlist:  CARES is a fairly small origination that is only able to classify a certain amount of species.  The leftovers they are not able to deal with effectively fall through to IUCN.  So something can be endangered on the redlist and not be listed on CARES, but CARES still recognizes it as endangered because IUCN has it labeled as such.  Which potentially opens you up to a lot more species that CARES is able to handle.