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Hung Do

I will bring some fish food:

– Baby Brine Shrimp Egg 80% hatch rate: $5/tube (10 gram)

– Live Daphnia Magna: $5/bag (200+)

– Live hatched baby brine shrimp: $5/bag (if anyone need i will bring)

I will also bring some fancy strain guppies:

– Albino Blue Topaz: $20/trio

– Albino Red Koi: $15/pair

– Albino Full Platinum: $20/trio

– Albino Full Platinum Ribbon Swallow: $30/pair

– Full Gold 24k: $20 for 2 pairs

– I also have full gold 24k available for whole sale (above 30 pairs available) if anyone need to get best price.

Here are video of them:

You can contact me by #: (404)-333-4902

Thank you! 😊