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I have a pretty good list going so far. Haven’t worked the prices out yet, however I promise they will be very reasonable. I may even bring a bucket of guppies to sell at feeder prices.

– Black Moscow Guppies

– Green/Blue Guppies

– Yellow Tiger Endlers

– All Males (Assorted) Guppies

– Assorted Fancy Guppies

– Llyodon Furcidens – Trout Goodieds

– Bristlenose Plecos – 1.5″ – about 3″, I have an assortment of Albinos, Browns, Long Fins, and possibly a few others.

– Gold Severums – About 3″

– 3 Yo-Yo Loaches

I also have a lot of different plants around the fishroom

– Dwarf Sagittaria, Pogostemon Octopus, Java Fern, Java Moss, Spikey Moss, 2 different types of Cryptocoryne, Anubius, and a few others. Just depends on what looks good before the swap.


What I will be looking for.

– Rice Fish

– Some kind of Danio

– Maybe some Platies, or some other livebearer (not guppies!)