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I apparently just lost a long post and am not sure who helps with these kinds of issues with the site.

The most important thing in that post was that I need to find a good home for 2 candy cane tetras.  They are free to a good home.  They are beautiful, healthy, and large (about 2.5, maybe 3 inches) and need to go to someone with a school of them in a 40G or larger tank.  They are great fish, but I cannot give them the school that they need, and they outcompete my smaller, more timid fish for food.   I don’t mean to come across as snotty, but I need to be discerning about where these fish go because I want to make sure that if they’re going to get what they need, which is the whole point of my rehoming them.  Otherwise, I would prefer to keep them.

Please let me know if you have fish that these 2 would school with and an appropriate setup for them, and I can bring them to you.  I’d like them to go to their new home ASAP, as I have contained them in isolation boxes as of Saturday night in anticipation of rehoming them before or at this upcoming swap.