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Victor G Castaneda

I recently moved to a new house and breeding has slowed down some, here is my list and stock will be limited. If you see something you like pre order to make sure you get it.

Neocaridina Shrimp;

Blue Dream 10+1

Fire Red-Sakura 10+1

Snowball 10+1

Red – White and Blue (skittles neo) 10+1

Black Rose

Caridia Shrimp;


Black Fancy Tigers

Tiger Shrimp;

Red Tiger

Orange Eye Blue Tiger


Panda – pairs and fry packs

Gold Lace – fry packs


Group of 5 short fin blue eye 2-3 inches looks female heavy

I might have some LF Blue Eye at around 1 inch if anyone is interested.


Java moss

Anchor moss

Hoocker moss



Guppy Grass

I’ll also have Mopani Drift wood, cholla wood, shrimp nets and other shrimp items.