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Scott Mitchell

<p style=”text-align: left;”>I plan to bring plakat bettas.   Please let me know the interest and I will bring as many as needed.   We have about 250 at the moment form the last spawn.  Also I am going bare bottom so I will be bringing many plants from those tanks being switched over.  Amazon sword. Java fern and large type anubias   Also have guppies.  But it sounds as if there will be plenty there already    I have tuxedo red tails and red tailed dumbos.   I also have discus born on 3/1/21.  The parents are shown in pic.  They are about the size of a 50 cent piece but I will only pack these if serious interest is shown.    We are traveling up from Augusta    89FB9BAA-6A61-4662-A8F8-F9782CAA9C323CE897F7-CBCB-4FD1-80FA-3DAC5DD9AF625DBBCF05-BCED-4AFC-9F98-D885AA053F56</p>