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Autumn Thorne

25 gallon and 5 gallon have been sold now.

The community 65g is still available.

The Reef Breeder Photon v2s are still available (they’re at Reef Shac).

The African leaf fish, two platinum angels, and Electric Blue Jack Dempsey are still available.  They are not free – I don’t want to set a price, but I don’t want to be low-balled either.  The leaf fish is the size of my entire hand and will happily eat live fish.  The Jack Dempsey is right there with him (he’s not an aggressive fish at all).  The two angels appear to be male and female, but have not lain eggs that I know of.


He also has a senegal bichir, an ornate bichir (roughly 10″-1′ long, likes live food), and another bichir whose name I forget (he’s easily the same size as the ornate, and also likes live food) in the tank along with two eels (one spiny, one labeled a zig zag but that’s not what it actually is).  The ornate was $50 when we bought him as a baby from Premier, and the other big guy was $75 (also from Premier).  If you want either of them, offers start at $75.  Nothing under that amount will be accepted, I’m sorry. The ornate he raised from a baby, and the other big guy has been in his tank for a good year, probably closer to two years.

He is definitely giving up the 220g, but hasn’t decided what he wants to ask for it.  So I’ll put this out there: he paid 2700 for it in 2016.  There are no leaks or cracks.  Everything is in perfect working condition.  I can’t see him taking less than 1k for it.