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It might be more beneficial to pierce them… to inject antibiotics. Metronidazole is more for parasites. Bloat tends to be more related to bacterial infections. But a study by the University of Florida showed that medications added to the water don’t really help much. Ingestion and injection are the only two methods that really work – and ingestion doesn’t help if they aren’t eating, of course.

Being that this post is over a week old, this probably isn’t helpful information anymore. But my suggestion would be to invest in a MICROLITER syringe (you can find them on ebay) and buy some injectable Oxytetracycline from Tractor Supply or other local feed store. A kitchen scale would also help as the dosage is 1 microliter per gram of weight.

Diabetic syringe measurements are far too big.

And if the syringe on ebay is “used” it’s fine – take the plunger out, put both pieces in a pot of water (the needle is permanently attached to microliter syringes, the plunger is not), put it on the stove, and let it come to a boil. (You MUST add the syringe before heating the water at all, or a cool syringe will break from the sudden extreme change in temp the moment it touches the hot water.) Then let both items cool WITH THE WATER until you can easily handle it again. Once you can handle it, place it somewhere safe on top of clean gauze so both items can dry completely out. You may want to use the plunger to help “push” excess water out of the syringe and needle before letting them air dry. Now it’s sterile again (can also be sterilized like this between usage).