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David Mercer

Descriptions of positions per the by-laws:

Section 3: The duties of the Vice-President shall be:

a: To assist the President;
b: To conduct the meetings in the absence of the President;
c: To assume the office of the President for the remainder of the term in the case of the resignation of the
d: To be the Program Chairman.

Section 5: The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

a: To receive and keep the funds of the Association on the XXX bank and pay out same only according to the
laws of this Association;
b: To make a monthly report of all receipts and disbursements;
c: Disbursements of $500.00 or less between meetings require verbal or electronic approval of the President
and the Treasurer;
d: Disbursements over $500.00 require prior BOD approval;
e: The Treasurer must verify that money exists in the Association’s bank account and in the specific budget line
item before disbursement of Association funds.
f: All checks must be signed by two authorized signees who are members of the BOD. The bookkeeper shall
not be permitted to sign any checks for the association.
g: Each year, the BOD will approve a budget prepared by the Treasurer which will be effective on April 1st of
the current year through the following March 31st of the next year. Once approved, the budget will be
published in the newsletter.

Section 6: The duties of the members at-large shall be:

a: To serve as committee chairperson of a standing committee at the President’s request.
b: To keep fully informed of the association activities and methods of operation at all times.
c: To represent the interests of the membership at BoD meetings

David Mercer
AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster