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I prefer cash but also accept most cards (card payments – $25 minimum), PayPal, Venmo and Bitcoin. I will be selling at the swap 11 AM – 2 PM. Preorders available for pickup at the swap 11 AM – 2 PM. If you’re not going to the swap but see something you want – just PM me and we can work it out; I’m in Canton.

It’s the end of the year so I have limited quantities of the list below. Availability subject to change.  Preorders are welcomed until 11/12 6:00 PM to guarantee availability. I do not require pre-payment with preorders (you pay at the swap), but please, please, please let me know if you preorder and you cannot attend the swap or decide to cancel. Cancelations are no problem for me… I just don’t want to bag the fish if you’re not buying them.


Juvenile Platinum Angelfish 3 for $15
Juvenile Pinoy Angelfish 3 for $15
Juvenile Select Koi Angelfish 3 for $20
Adult Male Platinum Angelfish – $40
Adult Male Select Koi Angelfish -$40
Juvenile Tiger/Carnation Turquoise Discus (I think I have 5 or 6 fish) – $15 each (I prefer to sell as a group)
German Blue Rams – Juvenile Male & Female for $20, 6 unsexed juveniles for $50, subadults – $10 each
German “Blue Black Rams” – 6 unsexed juveniles for $60
Lemon Blue Eye Plecos – 3 juveniles $20
L333 King Tiger Plecos – Juveniles $25 each (parents are wild caught Rio Xingu)
Clown Killifish – 6 for $25
Apistogramma C. “Triple Red” – I’m moving away from breeding these and want to get rid of them; whatever is in my tanks will go in a bag – 10+ fish for $20

Various stems – $5/bag
Java Moss – $5/bag

Live Food Cultures
White Worms – $15 (bring a cooler – preorders appreciated)

Almond Leaves – $5
Spawning Mops – $5