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Mitchell Broome

Here is the initial list of what I can bring to the swap. As always, I’m won’t have time to bring everything so if you want something, let me know ahead of time.

I’m clearing up some things I have been holding on to for a while to go ahead and get the BAP points, so there are some fairly rare things in the list this go round. Things like real apistogramma viejita (not macmasteri), apistogramma norberti is one you are pretty unlikely to have seen. In corydoras land, cw009 (green lasers) and much less common knaacki. I’m going to go ahead and sell some young synodontis petricola, they are small (like 1″) but that’s because they grow so slow. If your into livebearers, characodon lateralis is an amazing small (females max out at maybe 2″) endangered goodeid.

I’m also bringing the last of my koi angel line. I have been working on them for about 5-6 years now, but I just need the space too much. As they get older, the orange turns to a red. There are some veil left, though the entire group is from the same spawn and one of the parents was a veil.

Here is a photo gallery of most of the species:

apistogramma viejita – F1 (group of 6 unsexed young) (BAP) $70
apistogramma norberti – F1 (group of 6 unsexed young) (BAP) $60
apistogramma atahualpa (pair) $45
apistogramma sp d12 – F1 (group of 6 unsexed young) $50
apistogramma eremnopyge (group of 6 unsexed young) $45
apistogramma panduro (group of 6 unsexed young) $45

betta balunga (pair) $20
betta smaragdina – guitar (pair) $20

corydoras cw009 – green laser (6 young) (BAP) $70
corydoras knaacki (group of 6 young) (BAP) $70
corydoras axelrodi (group of 6 young) $40
corydoras cw140 (group of 6 young) $50
corydoras panda – long fin (group of 6 young) $30
corydoras adolfoi (group of 6 young) $50
aspidoras poecilus (group of 6 young) $70

ancistrus cirrhosus – std fin super red bristelnose (adults) $15 each
ancistrus cirrhosus – long fin green dragon bristelnose (unsexed 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″) $15 each

rhadinocentrus ornatus – Seary’s Creek (CARES) (group of 6 unsexed young) $60
pseudomugil signifer – Gap Creek (breeding group of 6 young adult) (BAP) $70

shell dwellers:
neolamprologus multifasciatus (group of 6) $30
lamprologus ocellatus – gold (group of 5 young) $70

lamprologus attenuatus (young group) $20
synodontis petricola (group of 6 young) (BAP) $60

aphanius mento – zengen (pair) $30

pterophyllum scalare – orange/red koi (young adult) $5 each

boehlkea fredcochui – cochu’s blue tetra (group of 6+) $30

limia perugiae (group of 6+ young) $15
characodon lateralis – Los Berros (group of 5 young) (CARES) $50

tanichthys albonubes – white cloud (group of 6+) (CARES) $25
bunocephalus coracoideus – banjo catfish $10

frogbit $5