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I plan on bringing the following:

A couple pairs of Aphanius mento “zengen” (Killifish from Turkey)

A few bags of young Nothobranchius guentheri “Zanzibar” (Killifish)

A bag of panda cories

A bag of Betta young Smaragdina “guitar” (wild betta type)

some pairs and trios of Aphyosemion callarium (Killifish)

A few extra Male Betta smargdina “guitar”

A couple of bags of Epiplatys dageti “monroviae” (Killifish)

And for the best, the one everyone always says I want when you have babies…..I have 5 Blue Gularis, Fundulopanchax sjoestedi “loe”  1M/4F

I also have my breeding trio that I”m willing to bring if anyone is interested, they are about a year old 1 male and 2 females…he is stunning!