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Buck Meyer

Thank you Paul. I accept the nomination.

The past 2 years have been interesting, to say the least. One of the results of the pandemic was the cancellation and subsequent rescheduling of many events, including AAAA events. Sadly, my commitments to some of these coincided with AAAA board meetings, causing me to miss several and put me in the “miss 3 and you’re out” zone. Of course there will be conflicts in the future, but the rescheduling that occurred in 2021 which pushed so many events into September, October, November and December is not likely to occur again. We hope.

Brian Revennaugh was president at the time I first joined the Board. I think it was 2014, but it may have been earlier than that. There have been a few different presidents and treasurers during my time on the Board, and I continued as Bookkeeper throughout. The club has undergone a transformation over the past few years, with social media playing an increasing role in our interactions. What is constant, is club members’ devotion to the hobby and desire to interact with others who have the same interest. Club activities such as the monthly meetings (with the monthly meeting auction), swap meets and the spring and fall auctions bring us together. I have been consistently active in all of these (including the “unofficial” swap meets which were hosted by several members), despite living 2 hours from Atlanta, and usually fulfill some role in organizing and running them. While the bookkeeper isn’t specifically tasked with being part of these, it is useful to have the insight and share what is necessary for the treasurer to most easily keep the club’s accounting in order.

While many of the older members have been taking a less active role in steering the club or even retiring from the hobby, I plan on continuing to be a contributor, hopefully with your support as a board member in 2022. Thank you.