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Caroline Deason

I’m looking for one or two 15 Gallon tall tanks.  Does anyone have any?

I’m hoping to take some Bristlenose home, Corydoras, and maybe some Bettas (male and female),

I’ll be bringing some Blue Veil Clown Angels (various sizes), as well as Blue Polar Convict Parrots, Red Jewels (Bimaculatus X Exsul cross), Yellow Labs (various sizes), Peacock OBs.  One 4” Red (orange) Zebra.  I might have a Blue Veil Angel breeding pair, as well.  I’m not big on breeding anymore.

I’m downsizing my tanks.  I have too many large ones and arthritis makes it hard to work on them.  I want to enjoy them more than laboring over them.  So less demanding large fish.

I may also have some tanks to need new homes.