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Mitchell Broome

Here is the initial list of what I can bring to the swap. As always, I’m won’t have time to bring everything so if you want something, let me know ahead of time.

Got some new stuff available this round. Things like apistogramma abacaxis, some parosphromenus bintan and pairs of betta patoti. More of the less common corys like cw097, schultzi “black” and scleromystax prionotos. Also trying to get rid of a couple of breeding groups to clear out some space so a group of long fin panda corys and a group of corydoras weitzmani.

I’m also going to bring in some odds and ends species. Things where I only have one or two left of breeding pairs/groups. So there will be some uncommon corys and probably an oddball apistogramma or two.

I am debating bringing in some lamprichthys tanganicanus (tanganyika killifish) eggs. They are an amazing fish, but they are really sensitive when they are very young. So if I do get some interest in them, you need to ensure your prepared to raise them. It’s not hard, you just need to treat them with kid gloves for a while. They do seem to eventually grow out of that, but early on, they are very delicate.

Here is a photo gallery of most of the available species:

apistogramma abacaxis (group of 6 unsexed young) (BAP) $80
apistogramma atahualpa (pair) $30
apistogramma sp “steel blue” (pair) $30

betta patoti (pair) $40
betta balunga (pair) $20

corydoras cw097 (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50
corydoras adolfoi (group of 6 young) $60
corydoras panda – long fin (breeding group of 10+) $120
aspidoras poecilus (group of 6 young) $70
scleromystax c112 (group of 6 young) $90
scleromystax prionotos (group of 6 young) (BAP) $90
corydoras schultzi “black” (group of 6 young) (BAP) $50
corydoras weitzmani (breeding group of 8+) $180

ancistrus cirrhosus – long fin green dragon bristelnose (unsexed 1 1/2″) $20 each

shell dwellers:
neolamprologus multifasciatus (group of 6) $30
lamprologus ocellatus – gold (adult) $10 each
lamprologus signatus (pair) $30

synodontis petricola (group of 6 young) $60
cyprichromis leptosoma (6 young) $60
lamprichthys tanganicanus (10 eggs) (BAP) $50

limia perugiae (group adults + young) $20
characodon lateralis – Los Berros (group of 5 young) (CARES) $50

dwarf cichlids:
amatitlania nanolutea (CARES) (2″+ young) $10 each

parosphromenus bintan (group of 6) (BAP) $30