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thank you, you are not going to offend me. I have had tanks for years, stopped around 15 years ago. I got the cycle started 2 times but seem to have stopped. The tank will stop eating ammonia for some reason. It also could be I am over thinking this, all the years I had tanks I never had a test kit. All seemed to work fine. Now I test and worry.

This last time it stopped, I had it up and running for a few weeks, added fish for 3 weeks, all good.

I added a hang on back filter with media in it for 3 weeks, I then removed the sponge filter I had in it from day one along with about half of the plastic plants and took them to a bucket to add ammonia to get them ready to add to my 180 to help kick start it.

nothing at all in the bucket, all seems dead and the smaller tank started to build ammonia. I expected a spike but it just did not go down.

the fish seem OK.

thanks again for your reply.