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Lerinda Saint Elliott

Looking to acquire a fish or two to be the centerpiece of my soon-to-be established, 50 gallon, heavily planted tank. Aiming for a peaceful tank with all inhabitants enjoying or at least ignoring one another. Planned tankmates will include: Pygmy Cory Catfish, Dwarf Chain Loaches, and Silver-Tip Tetras.

Possible fish under consideration are (only 1 type of fish to be chosen from this list):

1 Bolivian Ram, 1 or 2 Pearl Gourami, 1 or 2 Honey Gourami, 2 or 3 Female Powder Blue Gourami, 1 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (maybe? Not sure it would get along with my other intended bottom dwellers.)

I am not interested in breeding, or the aggression that it often triggers. I understand that the Pearl and Honey Gourami are “not too bad” along the aggression scale when breeding – hence, I am willing to get 2. Happy to let nature take it’s course, but would not make special accommodations for a breeding pair. Plus, I have no extra tank to grow-out any resulting babies!

Other centerpiece fish suggestions welcome. I have considered and dismissed Angelfish as too large for a planted 50g, other Apistogrammas as too aggressive, German Blue Rams as being too hard to keep with my 7.6ph water out of the tap.