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Nicole Rojas

As we get closer to the date I am formulating a list of stuff I plan on bringing.

Plants:   ammania gracilis,   hydrocotyle tripartita ,   anubius nana petite,   hornwort,   moss (its all mixed, java moss, Christmas moss and some other types I don’t know the name are mixes in there),   red emerald philodendron (vining plant) I use it similarly to how others use pathos in tanks.

Live critters:   freshwater cyclops and ostracod mix,   scuds,   malaysian trumpet snails,   pond snail (Physa Acuta I think),   ramshorn snails

other:   Mixed gravel


Stuff I am looking for:   green water culture,   daphnia starter culture,   other live foods,   white and green hydra (I like collecting them in jars, yes I’m a weirdo) plus any other small weird aquatic organisms,   any nerite snail species,   1x apple snail any color,   amano shrimp,   spring tails culture,   wingless fruit flies,   terrarium isopods

I am always on the look out for new species of plants, these are just the ones on my bucket list

dwarf sagittaria,   riccia,   anubias nana petite ‘pinto’ ‘gold coin’ ‘barteri’,    fissidens moss (any species),   utricularia graminifolia,   azolla floater,   lobelia cardimnalis,   Marsilia mutica varigated,   Microsword narrow leaf,   bolbitis ‘broadleaf’,   aponogeton natans,   dwarf aquarium lily and any other lily with smaller sized lily pads,   hymenasplenium obscurum,   hydrocotyle vulgaris,   hydrocotyle verticillata,   Glossostigma elatinoides