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Mike Echt

Thank you Pat, I accept your nomination. I have been a lifelong aquatics enthusiast, involved in the hobby for over 30 years. For the last 10 years I have maintained a fish room of approximately 40 tanks focused half on killifish and the other half on the breeding of any new random species that catch my eye. In 2021 I moved from Upstate New York to Canton, Georgia and within the first 30 days joined the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association. I have been actively involved in the Upstate New York Killifish Association since 2013, as well as on and off participation in the Central NY Aquarium Society and Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies.

I hope to assist the club as board member by sharing my passion for fish with others, assisting in arranging for new speakers and topics, organizing fish orders and possibly imports, and by working with others in the club to recruit new members. Thank you for the consideration!