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Nicole Rojas

This is my first big auction. I breed many different flavors of guppies and wanted to share some of them with you guys along with some of the harder to find plant species I’ve collected over the years. I submitted all the items online a few minutes ago so they aren’t on the full list of auction items yet. My bidder number is 415, so these items will have that number on them if you are interested.

1) 10 Malawa shrimp +many shrimplets (sp. Cardina pareparensis parvidentata) One of the hardiest little shrimp I have come across. They flourish in low TDS. Tank TDS where they were breed is 88 ppm.

2) Ludwigia repens x arcuata hybrid (many stems and rooted plants in the bag)

3) Bucephalandra ‘kedagang’ (2 plants in the bag)

4) Bucephalandra ‘godzilla’ (2 plants in the bag)

5) Bucephalandra ‘wavy green’ (2 plants in the bag)

6) Blue lace snakeskin guppy strain, 1 pair +1 juvenile

7) Susswassertang plant, large handful

8) Moss, an absolute ton along with a few random plants that got caught up in the moss mess

9) Red emerald philodendron (vining), I was told it was a semi-rare plant from a house plant collector. It’s very easy to grow and propogate. I hang them over the sides of tanks as extra filtration.

10) Japan blue gene guppy strain (6 Males / 7 Females). These are fin and color culls from a strain I have been working on for many years and am still perfecting. Originally derived from my first mixed mutt guppy tank. No deformed bodies. These are culls because they don’t have lime green in the upper body and/or the dorsal fin has no color.

11) 6 male mutt guppies

12) 8 juvenile ‘see through’ guppies. These derived from my japan blue gene guppies. A few odd see through guppies were born in that colony and I decided to dedicate a tank to make them into a strain. Also called ‘glass belly’ guppies, these are a cool, but also a little odd especially when you can see their hearts beating if you look close enough. As someone interested in the sciences I find them invaluable since you can study the inner workings of the fish without dissecting it. I can see these fish as being someone school science project.

13) Hydrophila pinnatifida (grown emersed in high humidity)

14) daphnia starter culture, 50+ in the bag (have been cultured by feeding them a mixture of vitaChem and an algae powder)

15) ostracod starter culture, 50+ in the vial (have been cultured by feeding them a mixture of vitaChem, an algae powder, biofilm and decaying plant material)