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Jeremy Caswell

I bought some hornwort and dwarf water lettuce at the Spring Auction, a pair of ~50g tubs at IKEA on the way home from the auction, and a floating Water Hyacinth for each from Home Depot. I added water, and a few days later, the fish. They were in the back yard under a dogwood tree. I also had a 10G tank with nothing in it to grow some live food for the house fish.

Beyond removing live food from the 10G, I did not touch the tubs in any way. No feeding, no water changes, nothing.

Tub 1 had three unsexed Florida Flag Fish (Jordanella floridae). The water turned murky in the first few days, and I did not see the fish again that summer. However, I knew something was alive because I saw no signs of live food in the water. I pulled them out on Saturday. I recovered three adults and eight babies. This was a big win for me as I have not gotten these to breed in an aquarium, or if I have, all the babies have been eaten.

Tub 2 had 12 unsexed Vietnamese White Clouds (tanichthys micagemmae). I am pulling in this tub tonight.