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Jeremy Caswell

Whats your Name? Jeremy Caswell

Where are you from? Born Atlanta.

What do you do for work or other hobbies? Network Engineer for local K12 school system

How did you find us? My wife found you and decided I needed to get out of the house once a month.

Are you a member? How long? Yes, I joined the club in 2013.

Have you been to a meeting yet? An Auction? What did you think? My very first meeting was the very first at Fernbank, I believe. I think the meeting day had also just changed from Sunday to Saturday. There was a lot of grumbling and a general feeling of unhappiness, but everyone was very nice to me. I was pretty sure I had just driven 45 minutes for a waste of a perfectly good Saturday. However, I believe Larry Jinks was the speaker, on breeding Corys. I started coming on Saturdays, and joined somewhere within a few months.

Does anyone in your family enjoy the fish hobby? My grandfather had platies when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, and he tried to instill the hobby into my brother and I. I eventually re-discovered it when my own children wanted a fish tank.

Are you a plant person or a fish person? I have no artistic ability nor green thumb, so I cannot aquascape. I don’t post pictures of my tanks because no one wants to see that. However, I was taken in by the many benefits of live plants, and do try to include them. Most of my plants, and fish, thrive on neglect.

Have you ever dabbled in saltwater or just a freshy? Just freshwater. We have had saltwater tanks in several schools during the 90s, but they have all folded over the years because they are full time jobs. The freshwater tanks in the schools have remained.

What are your favorite types of fish? I prefer native or cooler water fish, with a very strong preference for the White Mountain Clouds.

How many tanks do you have? I am down to four at the moment… and I might be able to combine three of those into a single 125 in the future to get down to two.

What is your favorite color? Green, like the algae I grow… which is also blue, red, brown, and black.