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Garrett Stoykewich

Honestly, the garage utility shelves work great imo. Link
This one has a 1500lb capacity PER shelf
1 gallon of FRESH Water = 8.34 pounds
They come in different sizes. I would recommend getting plywood at the minimum over the wire racks to distribute weight. Some come with plywood already. Painting and priming the wood will have it last longer.
I swear the one I bought had a 2500lb capacity, might be wrong.

The cheaper method is going wood construction if you have the skills and time.

The one you posted is exactly what I was talking about, BUT I don’t see a weight limit. I found that price of a $60 range has a much lower weight limit than the $100+ range. I would sleep well at night kmowing my shelf was at half capacity.

The ones that are welded and just lock into place are better than any bolt together.