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Actually Garret blackwater ecosystems are very nutrient poor, the only plants in the tank are Amazon swords, I buy all my substrates and Rick from a local landscape supply store everything is about 15 cents a pound but thank you for the offer. My tap water comes out at 6.5 to 6.8 at about 6 to 10 TDS I am using root tabs for the swords and as far as using leaves I’m only using locally collected materials ie.oak leaves, magnolia leaves,acorn caps alder cones and limbs from oaks.

And believe it or not Clearwater is just what we are accustomed to, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good. I cannot think of a lake river or stream that I’ve ever seen completely clear. I can usually see down to about the first foot but after that it’s a mystery what is under the water. What’s good to us isn’t necessarily good for them.

so I have an update, as of 10/19/19 I’ve added botanicals listed above to tint the water in the tank is6 Venezuelan corydoras, a couple bristlenose plecostomus, and one angelfish allin the tank originally.
I have a 300 watt hydroponics light over the 75g filtration is a small sponge filter and a marineland canister filter with an intake sponge and no carbon substrate is 3.5 lbs of aragonite (for pH stability) and about 100lbs of pool filter sand
Let me know what you think!

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