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Jeremy Caswell

1. When do you tend to read the forums? Morning, lunchtime, evening? Weekdays vs Weekends? I read them usually first thing in the morning on work days. I do occasionally cycle back through at the end of the work day. I rarely read the forums on days I have off.

2. Do you read Facebook or the Forums More? Any particular reason why? Is there some information you expect to be on one location vs the other? I look at the forums and facebook about the same amount of time, usually right after one another. I expect all useful information to be one the forums because they are persistent and show everything that has happened since my last visit. Facebook shows me whatever Facebook believes I should see from a selection of 10 left wing propaganda groups, 5 family pictures, a funny from a friend, and if am really lucky, two fish related posts.

3. What would you like to see out of Face book? It’s great for seeing pictures of tanks and for getting quick answers to fast questions like “Hey, does this look infected to you?”

4. What do you want out of the Forums? Forums are where sales should be conducted, and where more informative posts should be houses, since they are searchable for later, such as guide for making fire or building shelters during the zombie apocalypse.

5. What do you want to see on the Website? On the website, I want schedules, links to club initiatives like BAP or CARES, and announcements, like the next meeting, or the beginning of the zombie apocalypse is upon us.