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David Mercer

You cannot purchase fish bucks but if you have signed in at any meetings you will get fish bucks for that. In addition everyone that attends the Holiday Party will get fish bucks for attending that event.

I try to spread out the most desirable items as well as pick things that are very enticing to drive up some prices (and dry out some big bidders) so that even if you don’t have a lot of Fish bucks there are things to go for. From fish nets at $5 to air pumps at $60, or Death Star Decorations at $500, and even the crazy $1000 air stone there is something for everyone. I don’t think anyone left without something last time even if the holiday party was there only source of Fish Bucks. Plus there is the white elephant exchange and good food in addition to the fish bucks auction.

David Mercer
AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster