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It’s worth coming to regardless of your fishbucks status.

I, myself, will be fishbucks poor.

I have not heard for certain, but if Eugene is catering the BBQ, that alone is worth the trip. Seriously.

White Elephant is huge fun all year long… looking for that perfect gift that is magically “Fish Related, About $20, and Epically Awesome” is a 364 day job.
There’s also the part where you rip someone’s soul out when you steal their gift… they will try to stave you off by having the children hold it… that really gets the blood pumping.

My dad made me get something heavy, and it was a box with a rock and an Led airstone, which i have liked, but my dad didn’t, he made me put it on the edge of the table for all to see, but no one was interested in it because they all wanted was on of the aquaclears or a goldfish plushie… I look forward to this year’s fish buck auctioning because of the unique selection of items there normally are. 😃

Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
Or are they blue?
Either way,
I love my fish,
and so should you!