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Jeremy Caswell

The party was excellent!

28 gifts in the white elephant. Most people were far too nice… we were in the mid teens before the first theft.
My children did NOT do as instructed at all… I told them to steal a absolutely beautiful hand drawn and framed Krib… but the allure of opening something new snagged them.

I didn’t have much in the way of fishbucks this year, but the prices on the first bag were insanely low. We hauled in a number of excellent items this year.

I did not make it to the third bag, but I did make it home before the second quarter of the GA/LSU game. That’s a little over an hour avoiding the interstates as I do on the way home, and we even stopped for Krispie Kreme.

I hope to see you all in 2020, and hopefully I can get back to attending more meetings than I miss!