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David Mercer

Previously when I asked a similar question it was suggested that for more difficult species or slower breeding species that smaller amounts could be brought in over time until the 6 required was hit. Clearly at least pairs works best for the intent of the program but it allows you to at least bring in a few over time rather than having to eventually turn in several adults with your most recent offspring or destroying your whole colony in one swoop. This would obviously have to be cleared with the BAP chair to ensure it was documented correctly.

It is an interesting question though and goes to what is the primary purpose of BAP. If it is to bring knowledge about breeding into the club to disseminate then perhaps this could be a good option; Although I would think it would need to be a more intense article than normal, perhaps even a presentation. If the purpose is to bring species into the club for others to gain the breeding experience then as few exceptions as possible should probably be made. Either way it always gets tricky deciding where the line is.

I’d be interested if there is a non CARES species that fits this category. My initial inkling is that CARES has its own program so if that is the priority it can be submitted under those rules to get recognition rather than exempting them from standard BAP rules. But at least personally I could probably be convinced otherwise.

David Mercer
AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster