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    Tia Young

    Hello fishy people!

    Here is a great place to list off what all you plan to bring for the big auction coming up! I know you’re all excited and I am too!

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    Richard Indelicato

    A few bags of “long fin” White Clouds, a bag or two of BN plecos and maybe, if they grow out some, lyre tail swords. Thanks,


    Caroline Deason

    I’ll be bringing some yellow lab youngsters, peacock OB juveniles, Jewel Cichlids of breeding age, maybe some Guppy varieties and/or some Blue Dream Shrimp kids

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    Nicole Rojas

    Hey everyone, this is my first big auction. Is it better to bring large lots of items or split them up into several smaller bags? I am not sure what I will be bringing yet other than a big bag of moss and a stem trimmings.

    Ryan Young

    Nicole, it is always better to bring a few larger amounts for the lot then a bunch of smaller lots.

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    Ken Davis

    I obviously can not bring every species i work with, but people can pre order fish, I will pack and bring and meet you at the auction, and what I bring to be auctioned will be off this list.

    South Americans-
    Australoheros scitulus Rio Cuaro 1-1.5″ $10
    Australoheros scitulus Rio San Juan .5-1″ $10
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 1″ $5
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 2″ $10
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 2,5-3″” $15
    Ciclasoma sp. Ruta 44, Gold Acara .5-1″ $10
    Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura “Gajo” 1/2-1″ $10
    Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura “Rio San Juan” 1/2-1″ $10
    Central American-
    Amphilophus labiatus F3 Big Lip Devils Lago Nicaragua .5-1″ $10
    Amphilophus chancho “Willem’s” line 1″ $10
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 1-2″ $10
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 3″ $20
    Amphiliphus xiloaensis 1″ $10
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Claro 1-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Monga 1-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania siquia Lago Nicaragua 1″ $5
    Amatitlania Honduran Red Points Danli .5-1″ $10
    Amatitlania Honduran Red Points Danli “Platinum” 1″ $10
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus Calico 1-1.5″ $5 (few)
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus platinum/pink 1″ $5
    Amititlania kanna 1″ $10
    Calico HRP: Amatitlania HRP x Calico Convict, (calico with red fins and blue highlights in the body). F4 1/2-1″ $10
    Catamaco fenestrada x wild citrinellus, White mother, yellow father, these have been turning out very nice. SPECIAL!, 2.5-3″” $5 3-4″ $10
    Red Chancho F6 back crossed to pure male chancho in each generation (99% chancho now genes and still fade) 1″ $5, 1.5-2″ $10, 2.5-3″ $15, 3.5-4.5″ $25

    Red Texas, F1 3-4″ $25, these are turning out very nice.

    Mike Echt

    I will bring one or more pairs of each of the following killifish.

    Fp amieti Edea-Yaoundé KM 18c 89-32

    Simp santanae “Ribiero de Santana”

    Aphy schioetzi “Massemb-Loubaki” RC 2016-23



    Caroline Deason

    These are the OB kids and yellow Lab juvies I’m bringing.

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    Valery Fairchild

    Hi, I’ve never attended the auction and have a spawn of juvenile Albino BN Plecos (both parents were long fin, spawn has a variety of fin sizes from short to medium to long) that will be 3 1/2 months old at the time of the auction.  They are currently 1 to 1.5 inches long.  There is somewhere between 60 -70 of them.  My question is, what type of bag do I need to purchase?  How many fish should I put in each bag?

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    AAAA had guidance for sellers in the past. I remember reading the guidance prior to registering for the last auction I attended but cannot recall the link. You should follow AAAA guidance if posted but my opinion is below.

    If you want to sell all of them then I would do 10 to a bag. If you have 70, then this puts you at the 7 bag maximum for the species.

    You can order bags from several sites… do not use ziplock bags. Kensfish.com sells pretty nice bags (under shipping supplies). You can get bags from Amazon just make sure they are thick (at least 2 mil). You also need good rubber bands.

    For plecos, you’ll want to use at least “2 mil” bags and it’s recommended to double or triple bag them. Keep in mind, bidders will most likely handle the bag of fish when it’s on the display table so you want to ensure the bag does not leak.

    I would recommend you fast the fish for 48 hours before the auction (don’t feed them). For plecos, I also take away their wood during fasting. Fasting the fish helps keep the “bagged water” in good condition during the auction. Try to keep unwanted “extras” out of the bag if possible… no snails, duckweed, etc.

    I bag fish the morning of the auction with clean dechlorinated water. I wouldn’t use tank water but I would try to match the tank water temperature. Think of this as a water change for your fish but they are going into a bag of clean water.

    After you add the water and fish to the bag then you will use a rubber band to close the bag. You want to ensure there’s room left in the bag for air (do not blow in the bag – use the fast bag grab… demo in video below). I like at least 30-50% air.

    Label the bag with the type and quantity of fish.  You also need to add the auction identifier for the bag – “seller number – bag number”. You get your seller number when you preregister.

    If you haven’t bagged fish before… you will want to practice before hand. I know it looks straightforward and easy but there is a technique to it. Give yourself plenty of time for bagging the fish; it always takes me longer than I think.

    Check out the YouTube videos below. I think the bag size mentioned in the Pittsburgh Pets video would be fine for you. I also included another video that shows poly bag sizes if you decide on a larger bag. If you want an easy square bottom bag that stands on its own then check out the link for making a fish bag with no corners.

    Pittsburgh Pets – Selling Guppies and how to bag your fish

    Poly bag size examples

    How to make a fish bag with no corners (skip to 11:40)

    If you don’t want to buy bags online, then I can sell them to you. 20 bags, 25 rubber bands for $15 pickup in Canton.


    Carey Lott

    Those are pretty Killis.

    Josh Oyler

    I will be bring a bunch of new stuff!

    gold laser corydoras

    red lizard whiptail catfish

    cardinal tetras

    dwarf emerald rasboras

    clown killifish

    Otocinclus catfish

    GBR breeding size male

    blue dragon guppy trios


    Josh Oyler

    If I brought sterbei corys would anyone be interested in them?

    Justin parker

    I’m picking up fish Monday from airport and I don’t need anything new but…

    Ok who’s bringing the cool tanganyikan stuff? 😀


    Caroline Deason

    I would!

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