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    David Mercer

    We are accepting nominations for the presidents position for 2021.

    This position will be assumed as of December 6th 2020. Please comment below to make a nomination, or email with the nominees name and the position sought and we will include them in the November election. You may nominate yourself or any other member, but the nominee must accept the nomination before being added to the ballot. An online election will be held from November 14th-22nd. Members will be emailed a link to the ballot at their registered email address. The new board will be announced Monday, November 23rd.

    Presidential Candidates, Please feel free to post below letting everyone know more about you and what you would like to see the club doing in the upcoming year.

    The duties of the President shall be:
    a: To preside at all meetings of the association;
    b: To decide all parliamentary questions. his parliamentary decisions, however, shall be subject to appeal by
    any two members, the majority of a vote of the association deciding the question;
    c: To state each motion clearly after it has been seconded and before allowing discussion;
    d: To summarize all committee reports and present them to the membership each month, in the monthly
    news letter or at the general meeting.

    Currently accepted nominations for President:

    Jill Bridges


    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

    Tia Young

    I would like to nominate Jill Bridges for the office of President.

    Jill Bridges

    Thank you, Tia. I’m game.

    My experience with fish keeping goes back to my childhood guppy tank. I kept a small tank on and off throughout my life, but didn’t really take the dive into the hobby until my son Liam got his first guppy tank. That exploded quickly into a fish room and here we are.  My passion is with conservation, and I also handle AAAA’s CARES program.

    Outside of the hobby, I am a small business owner. Our family owns a marketing agency and an arts and craft supply store in Suwanee. I am familiar with the legal aspects of running a business and have worked with non-profits. I serve as Secretary on our POA and volunteer with Fair Fight Action.

    My primary goals in 2021 would be to get our non-profit status handled and to find creative ways for our group to become more active despite the pandemic restrictions.

    Proud Fish Nerd.
    Ask me about the CARES Program!

    David Mercer

    Nominations are now closed. Ballot will be emailed to all members shortly.

    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

    Steven L Burton

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The link to the ballot in the email is no good</p>

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