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    David Mercer

    Hey AAAA!

    As always thanks to everyone that answered last weeks question and the biggest thanks to everyone that has gone back and answered all the previous weeks. Its great to see what different things club members are doing in their fish rooms. This week we will continue collecting awesome recommendations that we can point people to in the future. Not always the most glamorous but certainly helpful!

    Week 10’s Question:

    What is your top choice for aquarium filtration?

    General type like sponge, HoB, Canister etc. but also what specific models and manufacturers do you like? This can be store bought or DIY. Even better if you explain why this is your go to.

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    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster

    Julia Jeorge

    I like canister filters, right now I have Fluvals, my favorite being FX6, had that one since they came out, it’s on a 90 gallon , use a Fluval 206 on a 20 gallon hex, that one doesnt really have enough power for the hex tank..i have used HOB in the past and much prefer the canisters.


    Sponge filters are defiantly my go too with 17 tanks in the Fish Room. Although I do use a little of everything. I also have 6 HOB’s and 2 canisters. I love the sponges because they are so easy, and they all run off 3 large air pumps. Larger tanks, or larger bio loads have 2 sponges. When I’m wanting to start a new tank, I just grab one out of a tank with two and replace it with a new sponge. Now I can have a new aquarium with a pre-cycled filter, ready to handle some fish. I have to say my least favorite filter is the AquaClear HOB’s, I can never keep them running properly for long. I have thrown all of those rattling lids away, before I removed the sponge out of them they were constantly pushing everything out the top. Even had one overflow onto the floor. Now I just use them with bio-bags in them, no sponge material, defiantly less headache since then. I have 3 different sizes, all the same junk, never again. I guess my second favorite would be Marine Land HOB’s, I have 2 big ones, not sure what size on the back of my 125g. They have been running strong now for 25 years, replaced the impellers twice, that’s it.

    Beth Hall

    I have a combination of HOB, sponge, and 2 canisters – FX6.  I have 3 size of the Marineland “emperor” series – sorry can’t remember all three names.  Catch these on sale and you can’t beat them.  They are my go to for 20 gal plus tanks.  I have a sponge filters on most intakes and stand alone filters as a secondary filter in most tanks.  The canisters are on  my 2 big thanks.  Sponge filters are my least favorite – I just don’t like squeezing them out.


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