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    David Mercer

    Hey AAAA!

    Thanks to everyone that answered last weeks question and a huge thanks to everyone that has gone back and answered all the previous weeks. Its great to see what is working in the club. This week we will continue collecting good recommendations that we can point people to in the future. Not always the most glamorous but certainly helpful!

    Week 7’s Question:

    What is your favorite or most used aquarium additive?

    Staying practical this week. What is the one additive or chemical that you could not live without? Why do you use it and what do you use it for? Since it is probably going to be everyones #1 lets leave out Prime, but if you have something similar thats worth a mention toss that in too! Let us know where you get it so we can take a look and try it.

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    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster



    David Mercer

    I’m going to go with Aquarium salt. We don’t use it in every tank but it did seem to help out a bit on several of our live bearer tanks. Depending on your definition of additive, crushed coral/pH hardening rocks also a big help with many of our livebearers, but we have fairly soft water.

    David Mercer
    AAAA Board of Directors and Webmaster


    Plants, I can add them and lower nitrates!

    Roses are red,
    Violets are purple,
    Or are they blue?
    Either way,
    I love my fish,
    and so should you!

    Julia Jeorge

    Aquarium salt, always put in a little with 2nd or 3rd water change.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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